Simulation modelling, dynamic analysis, finite element analysis, discrete element modelling, pressure transient modelling, computational fluid dynamics etc.

Application areas typically consist of the following:

  • Materials handling;
  • Fluid modelling;
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA);
  • Discrete Element Modelling (DEM);
  • Simulation modelling of systems and networks.

The following proprietary softwares is utilised to assist with specialist engineering requirements:

  • Belt Analyst – Conveyor design package for static calculations;
  • Dynamic Analyst – Conveyor design package allowing dynamic analysis;
  • Pipe Expert – Fluid system network modelling;
  • PumpSim – Fluid system network modelling;
  • Bentley Hammer – Fluid system transient analysis;
  • Strand 7 – Finite element analysis (FEA);
  • Fusion 360 - 3D modelling and finite element analysis (FEA);
  • Rocky – Discrete element modelling (DEM);
  • Rhino – 3D surface modelling;
  • Simio and iThink – Simulation modelling for various engineering applications;
  •  SKM Power Tools – Electrical load flow, fault and protection modelling.

We also use models developed in-house catering for:

  • Mining equipment performance assessment;
  • Underground mine supply water usage and dewatering system sizing;
  • Belt conveyor duty requirements and optimisation;
  • Surge bin and stockpile sizing and optimisation.

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