Surface and underground materials handling systems including conveyor equipment, bins, stockpiles, crushing, stacking, reclaim, dewatering and tramp removal systems. Conveyor equipment installations.

Services can be provided for the following areas:

Option Analysis: Developing preliminary arrangements for consideration, with the intent of optimising preferred arrangements to minimise system complexity and reduce capital outlay.

Definition: Engineering to establish design criteria and duty requirements, providing the basis for calculations and modelling of the  conveyor and surge capacity systems. Duty requirements determined by use of in-house developed methodology.

Analysis: Conveyor power and tension calculation using static and dynamic assessment tools;

Stockpile / surge and conveyor optimisation and modelling using a number of in-house procedures and proprietary packages are used depending on complexity;

Discrete element modelling (DEM) of conveyor transfer chutes and surge equipment.

Drafting: Development of system configurations and equipment layouts to assist with mine planning and construction plus communication with  suppliers and constructors.

Procurement: Preparation of tender packages, tender evaluation, supplier negotiations and contract formation, plus project management and  expediting of equipment supply.

Cost: Preparation of capital and operating cost estimates taking into account component life and overhaul strategies.

Construction: Project management and scheduling services for site activities.

Operational Support: Capability bottleneck assessments, failure analysis. Assessment and implementation of improvement plans. Inventory  assessment and capital procurement plans to support ongoing operations. AS1755 safety audits.

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